Mission Statement

His Mission For Us

Alive in Christ, we share the love of Jesus — we serve, care for, support and nourish each other, our community, and the world!


His Strategies For Us

With God as our leader we will be accountable to prayerfully involve all of the time, talents and gifts of the entire congregation to communicate and accomplish His work.


His Vision For Us

Our community will know Living Savior as a valued leader, a church where people are involved in the community, a dynamic force of Christian service, a place where children learn and Christ is central.  We will be a beacon and refuge for many new believers.

Our guests will be enthusiastically welcomed, embraced warmly, and accepted into our family.  They will be connected to Christ.  We will invite many, and have a spiritual impact on their lives.

Our members will gather around the cross and grow in our walk with God.  We will nurture each other and encourage each other.  As His disciples we will be motivated by our worship, refreshed through our fellowship, and connected to each other.  We will be involved in each other’s lives like a family!

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