Altar Guild

Chairperson: Sarah Dobelstein

In serving our Lord and the congregation, we follow in the footsteps of Mary, Martha, Salome, and other women who ministered to Christ and the disciples.  We are successors to the wise-hearted women who helped furnish the tabernacle of God in the wilderness. Exodus 35:25: All the women who were wise-hearted did spin with their hands….they brought what they had spun to the tabernacle….

By helping to make the house of God orderly and beautiful, we provide a setting for the Gospel that is appropriate and that provides a frame for receptive worship.  It is our “reasonable service.” (Romans 12:1: Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship.)


How often will I be asked to serve?  You will serve about once a month.  Serving on Altar Guild takes about an hour for each week assigned.


What does this job entail?  Before early service, early service Altar Guild sets up for Sunday services – usually on Saturday.  This involves changing candles, changing the altar paraments, refilling altar candles with oil, and setting up for communion, baptisms, and special services as needed.  Instructions are provided.

Just before each service, Altar Guild places wine trays and flagon on the altar, lights Paschal candle by baptismal font, and helps the Pastor and acolyte with their vestments.

During the service, Altar Guild helps serve communion.

After late service, Altar Guild disposes of communion elements in required way, cleans and puts away communion vessels, and makes sure that acolyte and clergy vestments are put away.


What about training?  On-the-job training is provided.  We serve in pairs—you will be paired with an experienced Altar Guild member.  This makes for more fun, plus you get to know other members of our congregation.

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