Witness Board

Chairperson: Karen Hoppert

The Witness Board oversees the Fellowship, Outreach, and Public Relations of Living Savior Lutheran Church.  This is accomplished by having a committee for each of these areas.

The Fellowship Committee is charged with providing opportunities in which members of the congregation may gather together in an informal setting and thereby strengthen the bonds of Christian Fellowship.  This has included soup suppers, Congregational camping trip, Church decorating for Christmas, Valentine dinner, Church picnic and many more.

The Outreach Committee is charged with bringing the Gospel to the nonchurched, enlist all of God’s people in the work of spreading the Gospel, and deepen faith and activity of congregational members.  This is done through the First Responders, church pamphlets, visitor cards and hosting a multitude of community events within our facility

The Public Relations Committee is charged with using a variety  of methods to communicate to the community the congregation’s identity with the Gospel of Christ.  This has been done with advertisements, newspaper articles, signage around the Church, Facebook, and the website.

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