About our School

About our preschool


Living Savior Preschool Beliefs:

  • Early childhood education is an integral part of congregational mission and ministry.
  • The young child is a gift from God and learn best through play and by developmentally appropriate activities provided as avenues for learning.
  • Early childhood education provides a warm and loving Christ-centered environment where children can develop to their fullest potential spiritually, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.
  • Early childhood education is a joint ministry that involves the child, the family, the staff, the congregation and the community.


Living Savior Preschool Purpose

  • To teach simple Christian truths from the Bible and relate them to the child’s life.
  • To encourage the development of the whole child by teaching the child responsibility and feeling secure in the love of God through Jesus Christ.
  • To prepare the child for kindergarten by teaching the alphabet, colors, numbers.  Using a play-based curriculum that offers a full- pre-writing program and materials that build critical skills for early learning and literacy
  • To encourage the child in self-confidence, concern for others, cooperation, and sharing in work and in play.
  • To increase the child’s skills in listening, self-discipline, conversation, creative self-expression, and independent play


Living Savior Lutheran Church Preschool Brochure

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